Get your team using your new phone systems effectively and with confidence.


Loop Voice and Data understand that purchasing new communication equipment or upgrading your existing phone system is an investment and it’s important that all of the business benefits are realised.  Training your team to use the product or service effectively is key to being able to take advantage of the new features.  We can help you and your team to get up and running quickly and with minimal disruption.

Part of our Service

As part of our service to you we provide training and support on all of the products and services we offer.  We want you and your team to be confident and relaxed with the new features, equipment or service and we deliver training to ensure that happens – no matter what their job title or responsibilities within your organisation.  

  • System managers to administer and manage
  • Technical users to configure and maintain
  • Front line staff to achieve their daily goals and utilise the new features with full benefit
  • Hands on, at your premises
  • Delivered at your convenience
  • Tailored training sessions


If you require your training sessions to be more tailored due to the industry you operate in or you have particular individuals that require more detailed instruction, we can plan your training session to meet your needs.  We can conduct it at your premises using your actual system, at our own offices if you prefer or even at the manufacturers’ site - the choice is yours.

Loop Voice and Data are only a phone call away should you want to discuss training further, call us on 01206 848 090 for advice tailored to your needs.