Flexible Billling

Transparent information helping you to manage your communications costs.  

Billing made easy with Loop Voice and Data

One of the benefits of becoming a client of Loop Voice and Data is the industry expertise that we use to help your business run more smoothly.  We have applied our experience to our own billing platform, designing it to meet the needs of our clients - helping them to look after their business communications costs. 

Tailored Billing

We have our own online billing platform and it is designed to be extremely client friendly so that you can tailor information, monitor your communications products and manage your services to meet your requirements.  You choose how you want to view your information;

  • Easy to understand
  • Report on call cost, quantity, duration
  • Report by line, extension or department
  • Customise your report
  • Many more features


Reducing your Communication Costs

We provide detailed itemised bills which includes all of your report information displayed as a user friendly graph so that you easily see where costs are increasing. 

We are here to support you and your business and one of the ways we do this is by looking at how you can reduce communication costs further. 

Loop Voice and Data are only a phone call away should you want to discuss your communiations billing further, call us on 01206 848 090.