What is VoIP? 

Discover the many benefits of VoIP solutions

What is VoIP Communications?

VoIP merges two different types of communication - data and voice – into one cable.  ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ means that you can use the same infrastructure that connects you to the internet as a way to make calls (subject to survey).

How does Voice over IP work?

The cables and technology used to connect your computer to the internet and the outside world can be used to make phone call too.  When you make a phone call your voice gets broken down into data packets which travel along the data network and because it uses this network like your computer does – it doesn’t matter where you call to or from. 


If you are considering a VoIP system, we will arrange a Fact Finding meeting, where we work with you to understand your business environment.  Use our expertise to understand more about a VoIP solution and whether it could work for you. 

Benefits of VoIP Communication

You could use your existing network infrastructure so this could prove a cost effective way of upgrading your telephone system, we would need to complete a site survey first – just to make sure.  By using a VoIP system you can connect to the whole network as if they are in the office, regardless of your location which means you can work from home, a hotel, on the road or even from an airport.  Other benefits also include;

  • Remote workers connect from anywhere and have just one contact number
  • Free calls between sites no matter the location – nationally or internationally
  • Managing the system is very simple – changes can be made from any location
  • Users can move around easily with the aid of VoIP Phones


Loop Voice and Data are only a phone call away should you want to discuss VoIP further, contact us on 01206 848 090 for advice tailored to your needs.