Business Landlines

We'll get your lines of communication open with the right number at the right price.

Landline - Business Phone Line

We know how important landlines are to your business; it’s usually the most frequent way that your customers will contact you and the rental costs will have an ongoing impact on your business costs.  Use our expertise to understand more about your business landlines.  

Reducing the cost of Line Rental

Fixed line telephony doesn’t need to be expensive because we work with you to understand what you need, so that we match the right product to your business.  Costs can be reduced by calculating call charges by seconds rather than minutes and switching carriers when appropriate.  Click here for more information on reducing the cost of line rental.

Landline Packages

We will always provide you with the best package for your business and this may include;

  • Analogue and digital lines
  • Right number of lines
  • Room to increase lines
  • Best tariff for you


The Benefits of ISDN

ISDN is the digital technology behind your landlines which means you can have increased land lines with very little business disruption or cost.  You may need an ISDN2 package which provides lines in pairs and is suited to smaller offices or ISDN30e where you can expand up to 30 lines then upgrade is within 48 hours and doesn’t require a visit from an engineer.  

Using Analogue lines

We  also provide analogue lines for your credit card machines and alarms using PSTN which means that we put together the right package of lines that match the needs of you business.

Loop Voice and Data and your Landline

We purchase business landlines direct from Openreach which means that we have live and direct access to their scheduling system so that our clients get the benefit of Openreach engineers and resources, coupled with our superb support.

To recommend the right package of lines we will arrange a Fact Finding meeting because we will never suggest a product without spending time with you first. 

Loop Voice and Data are only a phone call away should you want to discuss you business landlines further, call us on 01206 848 090 for advice tailored to your needs.