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Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Loop Voice & Data – Your MVNO

We are proud to have achieved MVNO status with Vodafone. This makes us part of an elite group of companies in the UK who are Mobile Virtual Network Operators.  This status reflects our expertise and experience as a telecommunications service provider.  

A Mobile Network Built for Businesses

Quite simply, we work like Virgin Mobile or Tesco Mobile, operating with full control over our own network.  But what makes us very different from them is how we have used this full control to build a service that is specifically designed for business use only. 

By taking full advantage of working with a UK network, but owning what we provide to you, it means that we have more control over the services, the tariffs and benefits our clients receive.

The main benefit of using the Loop Voice and Data Mobile network is that our clients simply receive a better deal and a better level of service, because we have control over what we provide and how we deliver it.  Other benefits include;

  • Free calls from landline to mobile
  • Bespoke packages to meet your needs 
  • Flexible mobile contracts
  • Pay-As-You-Use tariffs for seasonal mobile users
  • User friendly billing (link to page)


By working with an MVNO you will receive better support, easier connection and a better deal on all of your business mobile costs.  Loop Voice and Data will provide the exact package or contract to meet your specific requirements – something you won’t receive by going direct.

We will never recommend a product or service without spending time with you because it’s important to understand your business and so that we can tailor our advice especially to you.

What is MVNO?

mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)  is a wireless communications services provider that that enters into a business agreement with a mobile network operator to obtain bulk access to network services at wholesale rates, then sets its own rates independently.   It does not own the network infrastructure over which the MVNO provides services to its customers. 

An MVNO may use its own customer service and billing support systems and its own customer service, marketing and sales personnel.

Loop Voice and Data are only a phone call away should you want to discuss mobile communication further, call us on 01206 848 090 for advice tailored to your needs.