Business Broadband Explained

We'll help you understand which broadband solution is best for your business

What is Broadband

Broadband comes in different flavours with different bandwidths but they all provide the same thing; fast internet connection at different speeds for businesses who want to do different things like web browsing, uploading files, downloading files like images or video.  Fast Broadband connections mean that you have no delay in seeing your chosen web page, any video you stream direct from a site is smooth, email is quick and direct messaging or chat is in real time.

How Broadband and ethernet is delivered to you

Business Broadband is delivered to you seamlessly and the flavours have different levels of bandwidth using different combinations of hardware and software.  


Whatever the cable used to provide your business broadband, it will depend on the location of your business premises and your telephone system.


Your business can benefit greatly from a fast internet connection – regardless of how it is delivered.  It could provide you with the opportunity to reduce business costs, enhance the way you do business through increased flexibility and could help you to future-proof your communication set-up;

  • Increased business efficiencies through working faster
  • Different ways of working through applications like video conferencing
  • Flexibility through remote working and mobile broadband
  • Combine with other technologies like SIP Trunking to reduce business costs and increase resilience



The key question is for Business Broadband is ‘How fast does your business need it?’   We’re here to help you answer that and provide the support you need to get the Broadband you need.

We prefer to arrange a Fact Finding meeting first, where we work with you to understand your existing business environment.  It’s important that we understand how you communicate now and what your business plans are for the future.  

It could mean that you only need a slight upgrade to your existing system but we will never recommend a product or service without spending time with you first. 

Loop Voice and Data are only a phone call away should you want to discuss your business broadband, call us on 01206 848 090 for advice tailored to your needs.