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Our customer centric approach to untangling telecommunications technology, in a world turned upside down by the cloud.

Shahram has worked relentlessly to earn Loop Voice & Data the well-deserved reputation as a business that simplifies communications. He has always put his customers first and it is this customer centric mind-set that has enabled him to deliver understandable, transparent communication solutions that truly benefit his clients.

With a background in hospitality Shahram, knows how to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. That’s why Loop Voice & Data offers full project management, from choice to installation and training and after sales service. It’s our job to take away headaches, and help make telecommunications choices simple.

By listening to customer’s needs and expectations, Shahram has built Loop Voice & Data’s reputation, not only for their range of solutions that help businesses stay connected, but also their ability to deliver customer service in a way that is simple to understand.

We are a very different kind of service provider, we are honest. If we are invited in to quote for an installation but we don’t think we can help you we’ll say so. Telecommunications is complex and business critical. We’ve got to get it right. So we know who we can and cannot help. Overpromising will only lead to poor customer experience.

Not all services suit every business, and not all clients are located where they have access to superfast broadband and VoIP – Loop Voice & Data has the breadth of knowledge to give expert advice. Shahram relishes the growth of technology. Everything changes so fast in this business we love the challenge of keeping ahead of the game, so we can give our clients the best possible service.

Whether your company has 200 connections or 2000, is based on a single site or spread across the country, Loop Voice & Data covers everything from pre-sales advice and installation to training and after sales. We have specialist engineers in all major manufacturers of telecommunications equipment and highly trained engineers can provide 24/7 support. We take pride in excellent customer care. We are local, right on your doorstep. When you need us, you’ll always talk to the same person and you’ll get get straight through to us immediately.

Shahram insists his team talk to multiple people in an organisation to understand what they need from their communications systems. Not only is every business different, but what each department needs also varies greatly. When we come to your business we’ll talk to everyone. Often the receptionist, sales and accountants teams have differing needs. When you have chosen the systems we’ll provide expert trainers who will bring everyone up to speed without disrupting your business. All of our trainers have at least 10 years’ experience.

If you are still settling for an outdated phone system because a new one isn’t in the budget, we can help you evaluate your current communications costs and determine the ROI for a new solution. You may be surprised to find that you may actually be overpaying for very basic phone system features. Modern features such as mobility, collaboration, desktop call control can often be delivered for the same amount, or even less than, what you’re paying today.

Get in touch with to discuss how we may help you solve your business communication challenges and perhaps even save you money.  Our advice is free and we are only a phone call away 01206 848 090.

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We are a team of experienced and customer-focused individuals who have been working in the communications industry, supporting customers since 2000.

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