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When something goes wrong with your telephone system, business phone lines or your broadband, you expect the problems to be fixed – quickly. No one likes disruptions and we all demand a fast response from our telecoms provider to minimise the impact on our operations.

But how fast is fast? And what cost do you need to pay to receive fast?
Try unplugging your phone or broadband. How long can you resist the urge to plug it back in again? Then look at the financial costs to your business from lost connectivity

To minimise communication service disruption, you need a plan in place – a plan for telephone maintenance and support, and a service provider who can deliver against that plan. Bear in mind that as your business grows, your requirements will change too. Make sure to review this periodically so that when disruptions do occur, a resolution is reached as quickly as you need it to be.

Here are some things to look for in any service provider’s telephone system maintenance plan:

Support and helpline facility
Ensure your provider has a telephone support line and responsive customer care. Look into their after-hours support to see if they can meet your business needs.

Service level agreement
Make sure you have a clear service level agreement and that your provider has the ability to adhere to it. This will determine their response time to any support that you may require. Ensure your red care alarm line for security, has 24 hour support, even on weekends and bank holidays.

Remote diagnostics for Fault Resolution
Ensure engineers have access to dial in remotely to diagnose and resolve problems quickly with minimal disruption to your business. By having remote access, issues can be resolved more quickly than those requiring an onsite visit.

Administration software
With most communication solutions, you can be given administrative access for control of basic changes, such as adding extensions, removing extensions, adding or removing extension names and setting up speed dial numbers. All of this can be completed easily without interfering with the telephone system’s main programming.

On-site engineer visits
If an issue requires a hands-on fix, you want engineers who are qualified to meet your requirements and who are available to visit your premises.

Faulty equipment
Know how your provider will deal with faulty equipment – faulty from normal wear and tear.

At Loop Voice & Data, we help our customers understand and choose the right maintenance options that are best suited to their business and their budgets. Once they have been agreed, we provide a service level agreement detailing the telephone system maintenance package, including the hours and type of support, guaranteed response times and processes followed to achieve fault resolution.

So, when something goes wrong, you’ll know exactly how we’ll handle it.

Ensure you have the right telephone maintenance package in place with your provider to minimise any loss of communications.

For further information and advice on telephone systems and our telephone maintenance packages, we are only a phone call away. Contact us on 01206 848 090. We are happy to help.

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