Loop Voice & Data Captures Imaginations at Schools’ ICT Expo 2015


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On 23rd April we exhibited at the Schools’ ICT Expo 2015 in at University Campus Suffolk, in Ipswich to show how voice and data services can enhance teaching and learning in schools. We expected to reveal a few surprises, but we weren’t expecting the overwhelming response we received on the day.

The Schools’ ICT Expo 2015 was set up to bring new technologies to the education sector, targeting schools in the Suffolk area. The event gave them the opportunity to get close to ICT solutions.

The number of attendees on the day reflected the growing number of schools and educational facilities who are keen to understand the possibilities of technology in learning. We made it our mission to demonstrate how voice and data services can add value to teachers and pupils in and out of the classroom.

There are many factors that influence schools on their decision to invest in telecommunications, one of which is budget. Schools are under increasing pressure to keep costs down and expensive telecommunications packages have little appeal. So it was important for us to show how our services, in particular VoIP, can significantly reduce the cost of telephony in schools, while providing a flexible infrastucture for change and growth.

Teachers and staff need to access a safe, efficient means of communications with parents, carers and pupils. Delegates were able to learn that Loop Voice & Data could provide VoIP or traditional phone services, with features such as IVR and call recording, which could solve many of their communications problems. Voice and messaging services can significantly reduce the administrative nightmare that’s often the result of an event in which a large number of people need to be contacted quickly.

There are also lots of ways in which data services are having a major influence on the way teachers manage lessons and the way pupils learn. Broadband is essential for providing an enhanced, interactive experience for children, as long as it’s a good service. Teachers don’t have time to wait around for their computer screens to load. They can’t afford for children to become distracted or to miss valuable teaching time. So internet access is only useful if the service is fast, seamless and reliable.

A reliable, high-speed broadband service also means teachers can rely on internal systems to communicate with one another efficiently, sharing lesson plans and information, so schools can become more consistent and efficient in their methods and keep staff connected, regardless of their location.

With good quality voice and data services at their disposal, the possibilities for schools are endless. And throughout the day, we demonstrated these possibilities and more. It makes our job more rewarding to know we can contribute to education through services that help inspire children and increase their potential in the classroom and beyond.

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