How to Get the Best Broadband Service for Your Business


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Thanks to extensive advertising campaigns, everyone has heard about superfast broadband. In business, it’s a way to make working online faster and, as a result, more flexible. But it can be hard to understand how the service works – and the options available to you when ordering.

To help, here’s our essential guide to superfast business broadband.

What is superfast business broadband?

As the name suggests, superfast broadband is an internet connection with far higher download and upload rates. This is achieved using fibre cabling, which carries data at a faster rate than conventional copper connections.

In the UK, superfast business broadband is a Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) product provided by OpenReach. This means that fast fibre cables run from the BT Exchange to the green cabinet that supports connections in your area. From the cabinet, conventional copper cabling carries signals to your premises.

How fast is superfast business broadband?

If you’re upgrading your broadband service, you’d expect a significant increase in both your upload and download speeds. On paper, there are two packages available:

  • 80 MB download with 20 MB upload
  • 40 MB download with 10 MB upload

However, connections don’t always perform based on these numbers.

First, your speeds will be affected by your distance from the exchange and, in turn, from the cabinet. Meanwhile, the speeds that an individual user sees will depend on the number of subscribers at the exchange and the green cabinet, and how they are using the internet.Your service provider can cap usage on a per-user basis as part of package/offer.

What is required for superfast broadband?

Since superfast broadband from OpenReach uses conventional copper cabling from the cabinet to your premises, there’s no need for new cabling. However, there are two key requirements that you’ll need to consider.

First, it is advisable that fibre broadband for business requires a fixed IP address. Usually, the numerical address that routers are given when they go online is dynamic – it changes with each connection.

In addition, you’ll need a suitable router. While there are many compatible routers available, your specific model will play a role in performance. Be sure to choose a router that can handle voice and data effectively – brand names like Netgear, DrayTek , and ZyXEL are good choices, and your service provider can help.

Getting superfast business broadband

If you think your business needs superfast broadband, start by checking the OpenReach website for availability. If fibre is not currently available in your area, you may see a planned rollout date.

Once service is available then, you can order superfast broadband from any OpenReach reseller. While BT Retail may be the most obvious choice, other resellers can deliver the same product with the same service and cheaper.

A local provider like Loop Voice & Data comes with unique advantages. Clients across Colchester, Essex, and Suffolk choose us because they know they’ll get a personal service and responsive support. No contact centre queues or being passed around – just help and advice, instantly.

The faster your broadband, the more expensive the technology required to support it. Fibre to the cabinetis a different product to standard Broadband or ADSL2+, with its own price point. But your service provider can help you figure out which service is right for you.

If you need help with superfast business broadband, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are only a call away.

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