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Celebrating a new award for cloud based telephony solutions

Oct 30, 2017 | Author: Shahram Bagherzadeh

We believe that cloud solutions are an ideal fit for SMEs, given their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and minimal in-house management. However, we understand that moving critical services like telephony to the cloud is a big challenge for smaller businesses. 

It is this understanding that has helped us to win our latest award...

The Comms National award for the Best SME Cloud Solution 

We focus a great deal of our marketing and advertising at SMEs, simplifying the cloud and its benefits. From our communications to our customer interactions, we attempt to translate sophisticated cloud telephony into simple, practical business outcomes. 

Responding to this messaging,  a company contacted us to discuss alternatives to their traditional, old-fashioned copper wire telephony. We immediately invested our time in getting to know the specific challenges that the company was facing – and the challenges of their wider industry – to understand the opportunity and design an appropriate solution that would meet and exceed expectations.

Reducing telephony costs by 33%

Following the implementation, our customer reduced overall telephony costs by around 33%, cut call costs from thousands of pounds per month to hundreds of pounds per month, and unlocked new ways to deliver better service with auto attendant, call routing, and queues.  Going beyond those initial expectations to reduce cost, we helped the company find new value by driving better customer service levels.

With auto-attendant and IVR, the vast majority of calls go directly to the most knowledgeable member of the team, saving time. We worked with the team to define rules for inbound call handling, including first and second-choice operators for a given call type. As a result, if a preferred operator / departmental expert is not available, calls are routed to the next-best individual, not a random team member.

We also recommended and implemented call queuing which would ensure that every call is answered and placed in a queue with a recorded promotional message. For our customer, this means that every caller speaks to the right person the first time, rather than being passed around the organisation only to be put on hold again.

This is just one of many customers using our award-winning cloud-based telephony solutions. If you are looking at making the move to a cloud-based solution, talk to us. We are happy to help.