Business Broadband Data Connectivity

Choice to fit your needs and your budget.

Business broadband connectivity choices for speed and reliability

We offer a range of business fibre data connectivity options, from our leading suppliers, making it possible for us to provide a solution that is best suited to your business needs and budget. The right data connection is critical for your business operations- you rely on it, and no two fibre connections are the same. That is why you can trust our experienced team to give you the right connectivity for your business operations and to give you guaranteed fixes in line with your SLA, should a fault arise. All our fibre connections are business rated and we do not use residential connections.

Fibre Broadband

From 80mb broadband speeds up to 1 GB include unlimited usage & no traffic shaping. Fibre Broadband installation is much quicker than leased line, getting you connected quicker.

Ethernet Flex

Our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps service is perfect for businesses looking to satisfy occasional bandwidth surges without committing to higher cost solutions. It provides 200Mbps bandwidth as standard with an option to burst to 1Gbps as and when needed at no extra cost and with no prior requests – it’s just there ready and waiting when you need it, for complete peace of mind. Complemented with 24/7 support and guaranteed fault fixes within 6 hours.

Leased Line 

For businesses that need ultra-fast and reliable internet access at all times, we can provide a private  leased lines. This give you a dedicated connection designed to offer a consistent and reliable service. Direct to your premise from the exchange. Comes with a 6 hour SLA guarantee and 24/7 support.


Never worry about data coverage, bandwidth, or outages again with our IoT ecosystem and M2M connectivity solutions. We’ll equip you with leading connectivity tech and expertise—so you’re ready for the future of fixed-line, mobile, and IoT markets. Whether it’s large scale fleet management, reducing energy bills with smart building management solutions, or making roads safer with smart street lighting, we’ll create an end-to-end solution just for you.

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