Tailor Made Business Mobile Plans

The perfect plans and packages for your business

The Best Business Mobile Plan

We’ll design a business mobile plan for you that gives you the best tariff based on your usage patterns, the best coverage you need so you can work unhampered, and the right devices enabling more flexible working. 

Billing is easier too, with only one bill from Loop Voice & Data that includes your mobile usage along with all your other telephony services. To make sure you receive the support you require, our mobile plans come with a service level agreement. Plus, you’ll be supported by our customer care team, based in the UK, so you can talk to our friendly team who will get to know both you and your business needs.

Network Choice 

We offer more than one network, and you don’t have to pick one. You can use different networks, giving you the best coverage anywhere, with all usage simplified onto one bill. 

Any Handset 

We can provide your business with any handsets that your business requires. Let us know your budget and needs.

Flexible Tariffs  

Choose what suits your usage adding bolt-ons that give extra data, roaming or international packages. We offer monthly agreements, 12 months or longer.

Data SIM cards 

Keep your tablets and mobile dongles connected so you can work while on the move – from anywhere. 

New eSIM

SIM cards contain unique identifying information enabling a mobile phone or other device to connect securely to a mobile network. With eSIMs, that data is contained in a few lines of code which is stored on a dedicated chip inside your phone rather than on a removable card.

The eSIM card is embedded in your phone, meaning that unlike standard SIM cards ,you can’t take it in or out of the device. It’s designed this way because it isn’t locked to a specific network.  The eSIM card can change the network when you do. 

Why Choose Loop for your Business Mobiles?


Whichever network you choose or mix, you will speak with our support team – real people ready to help. No contact centre wait times and issues resolved quickly.

Easy Billing 

With one bill and our user-friendly online billing portal, we make managing costs easier. We can make your billing tailored to your requirements, reporting as much  or as little as you want to see. All billing can be easily viewed in our online portal.

Control your spending

Perform real-time transactions and get notified when you are reaching your data usage limit.  Sim caps can be applied so you never go over your limits or experience bill shock.

Get a New Business Mobile Plan 

Talk to one of our helpful experts.