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Loop Voice and Data Partners

Loop Voice and Data only partner with the best in their field so that we can provide you with the best choice of products and services. We have built strong relationships with all of our partners which mean that we work direct with them to deliver packages to suit your specific needs.



A global player with more than 50 million installed lines around the world, dedicated to enterprise communications and focussed on open standards to enable better communication.

BT Wholesale

Part of the BT Group, which is Europe’s largest wholesale communications business by revenue and market share offering partners benefits through the economies of scale.

Easynet Global Services

Part owned by Lloyds TSB Development Capital a global player with teams on every continent - combining global reach with local expertise for network, hosting and cloud integration.


A recent merger with the vision of ‘...a world in which 50 billion devices and machines are all talking to each other....increase the world’s productivity in sustainable ways....bridge the digital divide and enrich life.’


One of the four largest network carriers of voice minutes in the UK, a next generation full network operator and the only network operator in the UK to have a net zero carbon footprint.


Founded in 1973 a global provider of business communications products, software and services and operating in over 90 countries.


The leader in non-voice services in the UK with and an award winning network – Ofcom rated as the best mobile data network provider in 2011.


27 years of expertise in call management, award winning and known for innovation they are trusted by leading brand names in the UK and abroad.


Part of the BT Group they supply Communications Providers with products and services that are linked to the network and are custodians of the ‘First Mile’ the local access network.

Talk Talk Business (Opal telecom)

The UK’s 3rd largest communications network operator, the largest Ethernet network in the UK and the largest Next Generation Network with 89% coverage – twice as much as any other.


Part the Cable&Wireless Worldwide Group, covering over 80% of UK locations that are important to business customers and a guarantee that their network is dedicated to business traffic only.

Tower Leasing

Established 23 years ago and built on four cornerstones – speed, simplicity, security and service with industry-leading acceptance rates and unrivalled relationships with Funders.


Trusted for critical support, 68% of FTSE 100 companies and 70% of Ambulance Trusts use the Vodafone network.

Loop Voice and Data are only a phone call away should you want to discuss our partners further, call us on 01206 848 090 for advice tailored to your needs.